Hotel Tycoon Alpha 6

Hello everybody! After months of hard work, we bring you the Alpha 6. In this alpha we've recoded a lot of code. Our awesome music composer (Evan Boyerman) has been working hard too, and now the soundtrack he did for Hotel Tycoon (that has been expanded) is now available for download!

Here's the Alpha 6 changelog:

    - The cleaning bed system has been re-done. Cleaning supplies have been removed and four new objects have been added in order to fulfill the big dream of the cleaners: sheets shelf, sheets basket, washing machine and ironing board. All objects are required in order to make the laundry to work.

    - Cooks will have to clean dishes after a guest eats.
    - After drinking, if the guest doesn't find a bin, he will throw the can to the floor and get mad. The can will be needed to be cleaned by a cleaner.

    - Deleted table for one, table for two and room label. Added big table, small table and chair. The big table holds up to 6 chairs, while the smaller one holds 4.
    - Room objects are now detected always and automatically.
    - Lights system has been re-done. It is smoother now to play Hotel Tycoon!
    - The objectives system has been updated. It is now on the top-left corner (blue icon) and will show all the 9 objectives that can be done at the same time.
    - A lot of code re-done. AI behaviour improved (workers without work will go to a free sofa) and new icons. Simple workers are now called carriers.
    - Main menu has been changed.
    - Save system has been completely changed. Now, you can have more than one save and share the saves.
    - On building mode, you'll see one square on the tile you're hovering.
    - Guests will bring a suitcase with them and will let it near the bed once they have a room.

    - New object: wardrobe.

Bug fixes:
    - Doors don't open when a guest is going through.

Some extra information:
    - When opening the rooms GUI, if the game is paused it will get unpaused (due to engine restrictions).
    - Carriers (old simple workers) will bring the things in the order they're ordered. I mean, if you place the food storage place and then the freezer, the first thing the carrier will do is to fill the food storage place. Also, now several carriers will work on the same task to make it faster.
    - When you fire a worker, he won't left the hotel until he finishes his current tasks.

Hope you enjoy the new alpha, and don't forget to tell us what do you think!

Thank you!

- Avr Games


Hotel Tycoon 72 MB
Jun 03, 2017
Hotel Tycoon Alpha 6 85 MB
Jun 03, 2017
Hotel Tycoon Alpha 6 90 MB
Jun 03, 2017
Hotel Tycoon Alpha 6 90 MB
Jun 03, 2017

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